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What is the Definition of Sextortion?

Maybe you came across an appealing new acquaintance on a dating site or social media app. Things went smoothly, and you even exchanged a few risqué photos. However, out of the blue, they are now blackmailing you by threatening to expose those images to your loved ones unless you pay up. If this scenario sounds

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Sextortion: how it happens?

In today’s digital age, blackmailers have found a new playground on social media and dating apps, using phones to stalk and blackmail unsuspecting people. Sextortion, the act of threatening to share explicit images, is more rampant than ever, affecting young children, teens, and adults alike. One disturbing trend in sextortion involves adult pretending to be

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Legal Consultants Law Gurgaon Wsg

DoorDash and its subsidiary had been sued by town of Chicago for misrepresenting the costs of their restaurant delivery providers. According to DoorDash, the lawsuit must be dismissed because of the city’s retention of the national plaintiffs’ firm. Technology, IT, Mobility, and Artificial Intelligence are a number of the subjects that the regulation firm helps

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