Is It Safe To Travel To Cancun?

If you compare it to other top destinations, such as Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, it is about average. Don’t rent a car if you aren’t planning on going to any of the best day trips from Cancun. I always use Discover Cars when I rent a car in Mexico. There can be robberies and theft in Mexico. You should leave your valuables at home when packing for Mexico.

I believed Mexico was dangerous, I would be killed, kidnapped, and held for ransom by the cartel because of the Cancun travel advisory issued by the U.S. Once an American tourist is murdered travelers begin questioning is Cancun safe. The stories go on and on about one murder after the other and here recently there has been an uptick in carbon monoxide poisoning in Mexico. CancĂșn and the 81-mile stretch south of the resort to Tulum, known as the Riviera Maya, draw 13 million visitors a year to their lush beaches, golf courses, and all-inclusive luxury resorts. And in the past few months, taxi drivers have been harassing Ubers in Cancun and three Americansdied in Mexico City in October 2022.

The city of Cancun is known for its wild parties and nightlife that requires extra precautions for female travelers. Women traveling alone or in a group should only accept drinks from trusted sources and keep the glass in their hand. Is Cancun safeIf you want to see the drink being made, it’s best to place your order at a place where you can see it being made. If you feel unwell, immediately find someone you trust and let them know. If you are out and someone makes you uncomfortable, you should alert a staff member.

Most travelers will receive a 180 day passport stamp upon arrival. The best time to travel to Cancun is in the dry season from November to April, when the temperatures are mild. The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to November 30 and is susceptible to hurricanes. Whenever I rent a car in Mexico, I use Discover Cars.

It’s often refreshing to leave the bubble of the Zona Hotelera and solo travelers aren’t limited to those confines. If you head to downtown Cancun, just stay near the main thoroughfare of Avenida Tulum and avoid the outskirts of the city. If you need transportation, ask your hotel to call you a taxi so you can be sure it’s from a legitimate company and ask for the price before getting in the car.

This increased security presence is in response to recent crime and drug issues. During this busy time for travel, the government hopes that the added security will calm travelers. The majority of visitors to Cancun have a positive experience, but there are a few who have a bad experience. As a person who has been to Cancun, I think it is as safe as the rest of Mexico, but with its popularity comes a rise in crime and violence. You may have noticed that there was no answer to the question of whether or not it is safe to travel to Mexico.

Cancun Continues To Receive International Tourists With No Restrictions

Use common sense, listen to your intuition, stay aware of yourself and surroundings and don’t buy drugs to stay safe in Cancun. Most Mexico travel destinations are safe. The government of Mexico makes sure that tourism stays the same so visitors keep coming back. If we knew we would have to stay away from the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods, we would still feel safe visiting places like Detroit, St. Louis and New Orleans. It’s not a problem to wander around during the day.

Is Cancun A Safe Place For Families?

One of the aspects of being a female traveler that does not apply to male counterparts is male attention. Cancn is no exception and is where it happens most of the time. Trust your instincts no matter where you are, and avoid less crowded areas at all costs. Join the nearest group of people if you become uneasy. Although Mexican border cities are not typically tourist destinations, Americans often cross the border to visit family, look for cheaper health care or dine at restaurants.

Local organized crime figures and former governors are thought to have ties to the powerful unions. Taxi drivers started threatening and harassing drivers of other companies. A string of incidents, including a kidnapping and the death of two Americans near the border, have prompted travel warnings from the U.S. government. With the return of the green risk level in Cancn and the rest of the Mexican Caribbean all places can reopen to 100% of their capacity in all essential and non essential activities. The famed nightlife of the Riviera Maya is included.

If there is a problem, you are already at the bank, so staff can assist you which is not the case at street ATMs. You can check the U.S. for any travel advisories. It is not always easy to get an accurate picture of the situation in Cancun because they evaluate state by state, not city by city. Taxis operate all day and night in Cancun.